The Essence of Life

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Church of Divine Structure

Healing and Protection Products for a Vibrant Life in These Times of Turmoil

Rebecca, then a young woman in her twenties, had a bad experience with a health food store. She was a young intuitive and recommended products for her friends and family. She knew that a particular product would work, got it for a family member, and then it didn’t work. The product was bad! She went back to the store and discovered that the store’s owner didn’t care if her products worked or not. It was just a sale! Then Rebecca started The Essence of Life. She dreamed of a store where only products that worked were featured, For the past twenty years, Rebecca has been perfecting her inventory, keeping the products that performed reliably, and not carrying the mediocre products anymore. When Rebecca partnered with Dr. Howell, then the new partners knew that the store had to be shared (digitally) with the people who aren’t in Brooklyn.EOL charges the suggested retail price (or less) and always adds Grander treatment of all of our supplements, which improves them more. As ministers, neither Rebecca and Dr. Howell are not paid, so any profits made from these sales are used to further the Church of Divine Structure’s projects.

Dean Howell


Our store was founded by Rebecca Hart-Malter many years ago. More recently, Dean Howell ND became the store’s licensed physician-onsultant. Dr. Howell began his nutritional background with his naturopathic family practice in 1982 before specializing in the healing methods He has developed. Rebecca has had a life long fascination with nutrition and healing. In her teens and 20s she worked with the US government and the UN as a psychic reader. She later used these same talents to select nutrients for her customers. Her expertise in selecting therapies turned into a great ability to select nutrients and health products—and we feature these items in Rebecca’s store, The Essence of Life!

Our store is at 451 6th AveNue, Brooklyn NY 11215. This is between 9th and 10th Streets in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn. 


451 6th Avenue Brooklyn NY 11215